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Benefit Yoga ® is more than physical exercises. Its main pillars are mindfulness, harmonizing body, breath and mind – based on the natural flow of breath – and self-empowerment. The Yoga Asanas are serving as a path to inner calmness, to healing and to self-discovery allowing the direct experience of being in the here and now.

Benefit Yoga ® is space and heart, a door to be entered to find a more healthy and balanced way of life. It means practising Yoga from an inner understanding offering deeper mental and spiritual clarity. Aspects like anatomy, intentional relaxation, meditation, Yoga psychology and philosophy are part of Benefit Yoga ® classes and illustrate its manifold levels. Targeted impulses for self-awareness encourage each participant to follow his/her individual way to health, well-being and inner strength. It is therefore an effective method for coping with stress and other challenges.

Benefit Yoga ®, developed by Dr. Daya Mullins, is a Registered Trademark in Europe and the USA. It is being applied for more than 45 years working holistically and individually with clients, patients and participants in seminars, educations and one-on-one sessions. It is based on authentic Yoga, adapted to the needs of people in the West.

For further information please contact:

Benefit Yoga ® USA

Sara Hiris, Ed.M., Certified Yoga Teacher

US Representative for Benefit Yoga ® and
the European College for Yoga and Therapy

Albuquerque, New Mexico

BenefitYoga® USA and Canada

Paula Selmayr
Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

Representative for Benefit Yoga ® and
the European College for Yoga and Therapy

Sechelt, B.C. Canada, pkselmayr@gmail.com